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What an incredible experience! I am so glad to have caught the walk-in special for a 56.00 cleaning. This brand new, state of the art dentist office is an awesome example of the sort of contemporary form & function glamour hitting Northern Liberties / F-Town. Lasers replace scraping picks for a high tech, efficient process. This is NOT your grand daddys dds office! Totally efficient process, no glitches, great service, and the doc & her assistant are just too cool - a step beyond compliment! They also do Botox if the area nightlife is taking the shine out of your youthful glow! - M.D

Dr Roknian is a great dentist! I've been recommending her to everyone that I know, even if they aren't looking for a new dentist. She's incredibly nice, friendly and gentle. She's taken care of everything from oh-my-god-it-hurts-what-happened-to-meeeeee emergencies to routine procedures, all with grace and a light touch.

Go see Dr Roknian if you're looking for a dentist that cares about YOU and your wellbeing, in both the short and long term. - R.R.

Dr. Roknian's students and staff call her "Doc Rok" but I think she should be called "Doc Rockin"!  She's gentle, down to earth, professional, silly, and great to look at too. - V.D

 If you need a tooth pulled, or are scared to death of the dentist, Dr. Roknian is AWESOME!! She totally understands me, and she isn't some dorky dentist that people usually think of. She's cool. I was shocked when she told me that she also doesn't like going to the dentist, so she was especially aware of what to do to make me relax. I didn't feel anything, and she pulled my tooth in 5 minutes! The morning after my appointment, she called to see how I slept and how I was feeling! Dr. Roknian really cares. I'm not afraid anymore. - L.B.S.

Dr. Roknian is amazing. I first met her when she was working in California and luckily I travel for work to NY a few times per year so I leave a little extra time to go to Philly and I schedule my dental appointments around those trips.

What I like about Dr. Roknian is that she tells me honestly what needs to be done and not done. My last dentist wanted to do an onlay or inlay (something expensive) and Dr. Roknian said that it wasn't necessary. She gave me a filling once when another dentist would have said that a root canal was necessary (it was a close to needing a root canal but not completely). It's been over 1.5 years and I haven't had any problems with the filling.

I've always found Dr. Roknian to charge reasonable rates. Also I like the fact that Dr. Roknian is diligent and thorough. I'd rather have a diligent dentist than one who speeds through procedures. - E.A.

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